What Does Pool Service Include?  

What Does Pool Service Include
Written By: Chris Tebbutt
Date Published: August 17, 2022
What Does Pool Service Include?   1
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The swimming pool remains one of the best facilities anyone can have in their homes, hotels, and public buildings. A weekly pool service offers an avenue for relaxation, sporting activities, and a good time with your family. However, to enjoy your pool, you need to keep it in top shape. 

While all pools differ, swimming pool maintenance is similar. Handling common pool problems like damaged pumps, infested pools, and murky water requires some effort. While it is possible to handle pool services by yourself, it's advisable to use the best pool companies that offer premium services. 

This guide will discuss an array of pool services, the benefits of cleaning your pool, and things to consider when hiring the best pool service companies.

Available Pool Services

There are many services included in taking care of the swimming pool. Some of which will be discussed below.

Skimming the surface of the pool

The swimming pool surface sometimes has a lot of debris which damages the water. If left unattended, this floating debris can sink and become difficult to remove. It's hard for only an unskilled person to remove this debris as it can be tricky. A professional from a weekly pool service will use a handled net or leaf skimmer to eliminate the leaves effectively. When this is done, it increases the circulation system and reduces the chlorine content of the pool. Furthermore, the worker should conduct weekly testing to monitor salt levels and chemical sanitizer levels, and remove any empty debris in standing water.

Pool vacuuming

A pool needs to be vacuumed weekly to keep the water fresh and clear. This process helps remove the chemicals in the water and your pool will be appealing. Asides from vacuuming, cleaning the walls and tiles are very important. Any trash found should be stored in an empty pool cleaner bag and disposed of. Additionally, make sure to skim pools surface and clean it further with a pool cleaner hose or debris removal vacuum.

Furthermore, various fungi and algae build-up will smear the pool walls. You will require an expert to help you use the right cleaning tools to take care of your walls. This is meant to stop and prevent the degradation of grouts in the pool.

Cleaning the pool filter

All pools come with pool filters namely, sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth. There are various maintenance options for these types of filters. Only an expert or professional pool cleaner can know the best tool to clean your pool filter. It is highly recommended to clean the filter to prevent the filtration process. Dirt is usually accumulated over time and can cause damage to your pool. To know when the filter needs to be cleaned is when there is a surge between the flow meter and pressure gauge.

Heater servicing

While sometimes, skimming the pool can be done by yourself, hire an expert to service your heater. Swimming pool heaters don't usually require much maintenance, however, it is ideal to service them regularly. Many Gas heaters can work properly for years without problems, however, when calcium scales build up, this can affect pool flow and affect the heater. When this happens, call a professional who will help disassemble and have all your tubes cleaned properly.

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Heater installation

Maintenance of water level

During swimming sessions, much water will be lost which can cause problems. You need to check the water level since there will be evaporation and lots of splashing. Make sure the level doesn't fall below the skimmer level or else the pump will be affected.

Chemical balancing

You may consider hiring a professional because they can conduct services you cannot. These include the calcium hardness quarterly test, various chemical treatments, chemical balance analysis, and even just weekly maintenance to check the pools water chemistry. All of these are necessary to ensure that your pool stays healthy and in proper operation. Furthermore, you need a skilled worker to check your time clock settings and inspect equipment for proper operation. These are experts that know how to clean even more complicated systems like a safe aquatic environment, so you can be assured that they know how to effectively skim pool, brush pool steps, do chemical service, regulate intake and return valves, and clean out the entire pool in either a pump basket or a pool cleaner bag.

Having balanced pool water is both safe and healthy for both you and your family. For example, too much chlorine can cause various skin conditions and eye irritation, as well as potential illness. It will also prevent pool equipment from getting damaged. For this reason, it is vital to know the right chemicals and dose.

pH levels should be tested regularly to keep the pool clean and healthy. The pH scale is the level of acidity or alkaline scale which is between 0-14. Generally reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is great and healthy for swimmers. This is the recommended scale that helps sanitize the pool. Professional pool service will come with a testing kit based on your pool type.

Calcium: The proper amount in your pool water is also important to maintain its surface. Too little can cause it to start "chalking" and eventually erode, which could lead to various issues such as scale deposits and stains.

Chlorinating Water: Pools are often affected by contaminants such as ammonia or nitrogen. These huge contaminants negatively affect the chlorine of the pool and cause chloramines. This can cause a foul smell to pool users. To remove this odor, it's necessary to shock your pool back to its ideal levels. While it may have its drawbacks, adding much chlorine can make these smells go away. That's why it's important to call a pool maintenance service that knows the ideal amount.

If you are interested in finding more information, please visit this website.

Repair leaks

Leaks are a common occurrence that pool owners have grown accustomed to. Most of these leaks are hard to find and can be in deep waters. You will need to find these leaks by conducting many tests. Whether you find these leaks or notice that your water level goes low, talk to a pool technician. They will be able to locate where these leaks are and offer a good solution.

Wintering a pool

This type of service is meant for those whose location is below the freezing level. For those with pools in these locations, it's important to ensure your pool is healthy. There are many reasons why your pool needs to be wintered. Sometimes, residual water in pipes can cause damage. This process involved using air pressure to remove water from the pool. Any residue water will also need to be removed using non-toxic antifreeze vehicles.

Components of a Pool That Need Regular Service

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A technician is cleaning the skimmer filter

All swimming pools have primary components which should be serviced. They include :

Pool Water

The type of water you have is important. It's important to always keep the pool clean, clear, and healthy. Ensure that the water isn't contaminated and is rid of pollutants. When you properly take care of your pool water with a weekly pool service, it prevents expensive repairs caused by fungi and mineral buildup.

Interior of the pool

The walls of your swimming pool are important components that need to be adequately taken care of. These tiles and surfaces need to be in good condition and clear of mold debris and algae.

Swimming pool filter system

All pools have a pumping mechanism that draws water and keeps it circulating. The pool filter removes all dirt and other contaminants from your pool. They help protect the pool from dirt and other dangerous particles. If a filter system is faulty, the pool will be cloudy, polluted, and a mess. Depending on how your pool is set up, you might have a cartridge filter, diatomaceous earth, or a sand filter. For those using saltwater people, they will have a chlorinator.

Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers and returns are pivotal components that allow easy water flow in the pool. This is a cleaning mechanism that pools out water via the filter for cleaning. This component works well when they are clean and in good condition.

If you want your pool to always be in great shape, these four components should be regularly serviced. Investing in professional pool cleaners is the best decision you should make to keep it functioning.

The Three Important Concepts of Pool Care

When servicing your swimming pool here are the foundations of effective pool care: 

Good Water Circulation

Proper pool circulation is necessary for a healthy and safe swimming process. A swimming pool with the right circulation seldom has dirt, algae infestation, and cloudy waters. Normally, you should run your filter for at least 6 to 8 hours daily. Keep an eye on the water circulation and ensure that there aren't any impediments disturbing the flow. Also, avoid overflow of the water because this might attract unwanted pollutants into the water. 


When your pool has the right circulation, it makes pool care easier. Using basic tools to clean your pool is important to have a neat pool. They include a vacuum, brush, net skimmer, and baskets. These tools will help keep debris and dirt away from your pool. You could also use a good automatic cleaner as it will make your cleaning task. The professional should visually inspect pool equipment to make sure everything is working, and keeping your pool properly maintained. If you require a chemical service for a pool connected to a spa, or a brush pool, then you can ask for a specialized worker, They will take care of the connected spas surface, connected spas steps, and brush pools steps.

Balance your water chemistry

Although it may seem complicated, proper pool chemistry is very important to keep in mind when it comes to having a good professional pool cleaning service. When it comes to the various pool chemicals used, you should always consider the levels of sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Pool Maintenance

When choosing the best cleaning service to care for your pool, here are some things to consider:

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A Pool Maintenance


You should always check how long they have been in service and if they are well-known. These are major features that tell how dependable a pool service company is. You should talk to your neighbors or friends if they are happy using the service. It's difficult to remain in business if a company is unreliable. 

Pool equipment  

Another important thing to consider is if their tools are great. A reliable service should be cleaned and updated. What about the chemicals they want to use? How good is it? Ensure that they don't bring contamination into your pool. 


Before you start working with a professional, it's also important that you determine the number of times they'll be working on your pool. The prices of the various cleaning services should be in line with the latest rates. By searching through different companies, you can find the right one and save money.


Regardless of how well-kept your pool is, you will need regular maintenance and repairs. Before you start working with a professional, it's important that you thoroughly check their experience and credentials. Also, be sure that the company can handle various problems that come with pools.

Record keeping 

Sometimes, you may not be able to attend to the maintenance schedule. To ensure that the facility is in good shape, it's important that the professional has a detailed report of the work that they've done. Having a good cleaning service will also send an email or SMS message to the account of the company every time they're working on the pool.


You should ensure that any pool cleaning company you hire can be trusted. Are you sure this company won't steal any materials when you are not around? Can they be trusted to provide original parts to repair? You will need to carry out an in-depth background check on the service. You will want to avoid doing business with shady cleaning services. 


A reputable pool cleaning service should have insurance. Although no one expects any problems during repair and maintenance. A good cleaning service should have insurance to cover any eventualities. Accidents such as water and electricity can happen and you should hire only a pool service agency that can deal with such problems. 

Better business bureau 

Reliable pool cleaning service should be a better business bureau. A cleaning company that is a member of BBB offers reliable, credible, and honest services. The company with this bureau also offers honest advertising. All members of this bureau also handle customer complaints easily and can be relied upon. 

Members of Trade Association 

While not every top pool cleaning service is a member of an association. Hiring a pool cleaning service that is a member of trade associations is recommended. Some of these associations are the APSP. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals is the biggest international association around. 

This organization focuses on promoting the best practices in the field of pool maintenance and care. It also helps promote the development of education programs for the industry.


When hiring a pool cleaning service, you should check if they have a license and are certified by a legal authority. Every country has its tenants and issues pool cleaning permits to a capable company. Before issuing pool cleaning certificates, they usually carry out serious training and ensure that they pass all tests.

Some reliable certifications to look out for are the advanced service technicians certification and the certified pool and spa operator certificate. While there aren't many fake certificates, you can talk to these state regulators to be assured that these companies finish from there. 


Every home deserves to spend time with friends and family members, swim and enjoy a clean swimming pool. For those using it in spas or fitness centers, regular care of the pools attracts more customers. Pool cleaning services usually offer a plethora of services that can help in taking care of all pool problems. When hiring a good cleaning company, ensure you check for experience, certifications, and standards of equipment.

Article written by Chris Tebbutt
In 2016 I got my first house that had a pool and I had no idea where to begin. Over time I have learnt how to do most things myself (I am really into DIY) and wanted to share my information with other. I was one of the people who thought if water smelt like chlorine, that meant there was too much chlorine in the water!