Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get?

Written By: Chris Tebbutt
Date Published: August 10, 2022

If you're a pool guy, I am sure you can understand my frustration with filters, wires, tubes, plumbing, etc laying out in the open. Not only are they a hazard in life for someone to trip and hurt themselves, but they are a sore sight for the eyes.

I like my backyard and overall area clean and tidy, but a filter can take up quite a bit of space with a bunch of stuff hanging around it, thus hiding it and organizing the wires and tubes can be a challenge.

While tossing your filter inside a shed might seem like the best solution, there are better alternatives with their unique set of pros and cons. A pool equipment cover and pool pump covers can protect swimming pool equipment and other equipment. The bigger the pool area the more swimming pool equipment and other materials you need.

I will share with you what type of pool pump cover you need no matter the pool type. So let's get started.

Most Recommended Pool Filter Cover

Best Selection
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The filter and pool pump cover by Acoustic Box is the best choice if you are browsing around pool accessories enclosures. It is aesthetically pleasing, functional, sturdy, and rust-proof with sound-proofing capabilities.

I personally prefer a simple white color because it blends really well with the green color of grass and goes nicely with a backyard set-up. However, you do have the choice between other colors as well such as gray, black, green, etc.

This pool pump cover is relatively on the expensive side, but for pool owners who want to create something that will last a long time without decaying, fading paint, and with quality materials, then no matter your pool type, you can't go wrong with this selection as long as you properly set up the plumbing and tubing. If you wish to purchase this, then it may be for the best, if you learn and discover how to ship the product and accessories. Use the correct material for pool maintenance and to access the air filter system.

What I love about Acoustic Box

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 1

When I first got interested in setting up a swimming pool in my backyard, besides just the headache of choosing an appropriate pool, to know the appropriate volume, I also had to sift through different brands of pool pumps, and the filter, and so on.

It didn't stop there, in addition to trying to make my pool look nicer, there were wires, plumping, and a pool pump and filter to hide. Most companies quoted custom installation options that were expensive. Doing it yourself can also take time and skill, so I was annoyed with all the technicalities. You can find a custom designed box for chlorine chemicals and other special tools required for maintenance in pool equipment enclosures for easy access.

Luckily Acoustic Box was something that you could set up straight out of the packaging without any power tools that even a caveman could set it.

Overall, I can't find much fault with Acoustic Box besides shipping and comparatively higher costs with other primitive filter and pump covers. Best steel undoubtedly cost more than other material. If you want cheaper alternatives, then appropriate fixings and following the illustrated installation instructions can help you save money by prolonging the life of your filter system without requiring more money.

From bigger to smaller sizes, they have it all in a variety of colors. Best of all, their products are so easy to set up. It can be done within 5-10 minutes!


  • Aesthetic design and look
  • Functional with compartments for organizing things
  • Australian galvanized steel, so no rust or decay
  • 80% sound-proofing, certified by a sound engineer
  • Easy to set up with no nuts, bolts, or tools needed (Assembled in 15 minutes)


  • Slightly more expensive compared to other out-of-the-box pool pump covers.
  • A bit heavier

What could be improved

If there are a few minor things to mention about this product that could be slightly improved, it is mostly the grounding and footing.

It would have been good if there was something to firmly stick to the surface, but the product itself has pieces of rectangular walls that kind of holds itself together without any firm grounding on the floor.

The heavier weight perhaps doesn't make nails and stakes necessary, but I noticed when someone accidentally brushed against the pool pump cover, it was moved a little out of place than where it was originally set up.

However, if you lean it against a wall or a corner, you wouldn't really discover the pool pump cover moving about, so it's really a minor thing. I do understand that Acoustic Box is trying to be as minimalist as possible. A wood enclosure or pool toys of any material can both help to create a warm atmosphere to counteract this style if you are not a fan.

Best place to install it

I would recommend somewhere near the corner where people don't usually go or next to your house where the power outlets and trash bins are, but it's up to you where you think suits you best.

Here are some ideas from other pool owners who set up Acoustic Box.

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 2
Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 3
Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 4

Sound-proofing and noise reduction

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 5

You don't have to make any soundproofing or anything at all. It comes with thick industrial acoustic foam right out of the packaging which helps with reducing the pool pump noise significantly. Supposedly they had an audio engineer test it and learn about it and it was over 80% noise reduction.

So there is no need to go shopping for pool supplies and waste your time to discover accessories for them.

Wires, tubes, and plumbing organization

It would be easier if you set up the Acoustic Box near your outdoor power outlet because you can easily connect your pool pump whilst also hiding wires, outlets, and other pool accessories.

If you are serious about keeping everything clean and safe in the backyard, I highly recommend every pool owner to cover their plumbing, wiring, and tubes with some sort of gravel or grass. You can place fake grass over them if you don't necessarily want to dig through your backyard.

How To Set Up The Pool Equipment Enclosure

Setting up the Acoustic Box pool pump cover is very simple and will only take you a few minutes.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Find a suitable place to set up your pool pump cover

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 6

Usually somewhere in the corner, close to a wall/power outlet, or behind your pool (if you have this type of swimming pool) where the pool pump cover can remain hidden are some recommended places.

The further the pool pump, filter, and pool accessories enclosure is from your pool, the more likely you will have to deal with organizing and hiding wires, plumbing, tubes, hoses etc. To make your life easier, find a place that is both aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

People have different backyards and house layouts, so use your own judgment and decide where you would like to set it up.

Place your wooden footings (skip to the next step if you don't have them)

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 7

I highly suggest that you get some sort of footing for your pool pump and pool pump cover, especially if you will be placing it on concrete, gravel, or a slightly uneven surface. The reason why concrete is such a great material is that it can withstand pretty much anything.
Hinged lids and concrete walls can help you box anti-corrosive air for preservation purposes.
Footings will not only help your pool accessories enclosure remain sturdy and strong even during strong winds but also allow for an even and equally leveled wall height.
If you are having trouble with concrete walls, you can hire an acoustic engineer that will have access to maintenance and can help you reduce noise.

Place your pool pump, filter, motor, and other pool supplies

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 8

Set your filter and other accessories where you intend to set up the pool pump cover. It's easier to do this before rather than afterward because trying to lift heavy things over walls is annoying and you may end up hitting and bumping your filter tank and other accessories on the edges of the pool accessories enclosure.

Once you organize where the motor, filter, pump, and supplies will be, you are ready to start building up the walls. Pvc pipe and heat pumps are essential in creating a warm pool area. Mechanical gas struts and a pvc pipe can create a fresh environment with clean air for poorly ventilated areas during pool season.

Assemble the walls for the enclosure

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 9

Start with the longest piece. It's easier to hold and keep upright whilst connecting the shorter wall piece. However, asking another person to help build it is recommended.

It should be fairly easy and straightforward to set up since there won't be any screws or bolts. You just need to connect the walls together correctly as per the instructional video and manual. Make sure everything is sturdy and firmly in place.

Inspect everything is properly set up

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 10

Finally, double check if everything is in the correct and appropriate place. If everything looks good, you can close the lid and the door, and lock it up. Don't worry about ventilation because it comes with tested ventilation gaps that get airflow which prevent any heat and exhaust on the inside.

In addition, the filter comes with a fully removable front door, so as long as you unlock the box, you can open up the door and lid if you ever need to inspect your pump, filter, etc.

Other Alternatives You Might Like

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you need answers to some commonly asked questions, read here for our detailed breakdown of answers to FAQ.

Should pool filter and pump be covered?

It's generally a good idea to have a filter and swimming pool pump cover. A filter and pool pump cover helps to protect the accessories from losing color in the sun and keeps leaves and other debris from potentially hitting and damaging the filtration system.

While filters and pumps are designed to withstand tough weather and the winter, think of it this way... A car is designed to withstand the cold and bad weather, but it certainly is better to store it in the garage in order to increase its lifespan. Same goes for swimming pool accessories. If you want a unique concealed design, I would suggest you offer unhindered access to guests or install privacy glass and a privacy fence.

In addition, pool pump covers can help to keep the area around the pool clean and tidy. Just make sure that the pool pump covers or the fence are firmly planted on the surface so that it doesn't blow away in strong winds.

Is there a difference between above ground pool and inground pool pump covers?

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 11

There can be small differences, but there are plenty of pool pump covers that are suitable for both types of swimming pools.

With in-ground pools, you can actually hide your filter and pump somewhere in the basement (though not recommended because of the risk of flooding) or someplace that's more appropriate in your backyard. Due to the nature of these pools require a lot of pre-planning, you can better install heavy-duty tubes, plumbing, and wires from the get-go.

An above ground pool on the other hand may lack the proper infrastructure to place a filter box far away from the pool, hence leaving you with the option to set up your pump and pool pump cover somewhere nearby the pool, which may not visually look the most appealing. If you care about the visual aspect, you could fork up some cash and install heavy-duty plumbing and tubing which can allow for the filter box to be placed somewhere more suitable like closer to a house outlet or a wall.

What are some cheap alternatives for a pool pump cover?

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 12

You could get one of these Vinyl Privacy Screens by Enclo. It's a cheaper alternative when it comes to pool equipment enclosures. It's a square-shaped wall/fence that can be moved around quite easily without any special tools.

This specific pool pump cover by Enclo can be very suitable for surface pools that don't have heavy-duty tubing and plumbing. You can set up the pool filter, pump, and other accessories nearby the pool for maximum efficiency and just cover it up with Enclo's Vinyl Screens. Many pool owners in fact opt for this alternative.

The only downside is there is no noise reduction, so you will hear the pool pump and filter while it is on. In addition, there is minimal protection from the weather and outside elements, but most pool accessories that is worth its salt is made with the outdoors and mother nature in mind. Discover more by reading our blog in this topic.

Is it a good idea to put your equipment, pump, filter, and items in the garage or shed?

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 13

You definitely can, but you will need longer wiring, tubing, and plumbing as mentioned above if your shed or garage is far away. In addition, the further your filter and pump are away from your entire pool, the more you will have to pay for utility bills since the pump and filter won't work as efficiently since they have to work harder to compensate for the distance to maintain proper water flow.

Also, you run the risk of any other tools or accessories in your garage or shed getting wet and damaged if there is a water leak.

Personally, it's just not worth it putting it somewhere inside the house or around other valuable belongings in the shed, so it's better to keep them outside with some level of protection.

How to soundproof pump and motor

Besides the visual aspect of hiding a pool filter, soundproofing your pool pump and motor will also improve the overall experience of owning a pool.

The most recommended way to soundproof is to buy a pool equipment enclosure with foam and thicker walls.

However, if you are on a budget, you can simply buy soundproofing foams separately and place them around your pool filter fence or box. Eventually, they will get dirty and it's not the best solution, so in the long run it's just simpler to get a pool pump cover with built-in soundproofing foam like Acoustic Box or put your pool accessories somewhere farther away from the pool.

Can I leave my filter, pump, and motor out all winter?

While it is true that some types of pool accessories are designed to be left out all winter, others need to be stored away to prevent damage from the cold weather.

For example, pool filters should be emptied of water and stored indoors over winter. This helps to prevent the filter media from freezing and cracking. Similarly, motors should also be stored indoors or in a well-insulated shed to prevent moisture build-up and internal damage.

Pool pumps, on the other hand, can typically be left outdoors as long as they are properly covered and protected from the outside elements.

How do you store a pool filter for the winter?

How To Clean A Pool Filter

There are a few things you need to do to properly store your above ground or below ground filter for the winter. First, make sure that the filter is clean by backwashing it (if you have D.E or sand filter) and then rinsing it with clean water. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the filter over the winter months.

Next, you need to drain the filter of all water. This can be done by disconnecting the hoses and allowing the filter to gravity drain. Once the filter is dry, you can either store it indoors or cover it with a tarp outdoors.

If you decide to store it outdoors, make sure that the tarp is securely fastened so that it doesn't blow away in the wind. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your filter will be in good condition when spring arrives.

How do you winterize a sand filter?

Pool Equipment Covers: What Filter Cover Should You Get? 14

It's important to properly winterize your sand filter. If you don't, the water in the filter can freeze and expand, damaging the filter tank. The good news is that winterizing a sand filter is a simple process.

First, you'll need to backwash the filter to remove any debris that has accumulated over the summer. Next, you'll need to clean the filter tank with a mild bleach solution and rinse. Once the tank is clean, set the valve to winterize, which will drain the water from the valve, then afterward drain all the water from the tank as well.

As long as there is no moisture inside the tank and all the water is properly drained, your sand filter is now winterized. The sand inside a filter can last up to 5 years, so no need in taking it out or replacing it.

You can choose to leave the filter outside, but I highly suggest that you store it somewhere inside.

Should I cover my sand filter for the winter?

The structural integrity of the tank and the parts can hold out in the winter, but cosmetically, it may take some damage.

If you have to leave it out during the winter, ideally it needs to be protected by a pool pump cover or some sort of bag to go over the filter. You don't necessarily want rain, snow, dirt, and leaves to be piling on top of your filter, so make sure to clean it once in a while.

Closing Thoughts & Recommendations

Even though you can have your pool equipment laying outside in your backyard, without any pool pump cover, you are reducing the lifespan on top of having a messy setup.

Ultimately if you want the best solution, then get a pool pump cover from Acoustic Box.

Best Selection
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It looks great and fits really well in a backyard. Plus, you can set it up anywhere you like within minutes as long as the plumbing is not a problem. In addition to the soundproofing capabilities, the paint job is high quality, so no rusting, chipping, or fading even during the winter. So, you can store your filter, pump, and motor inside your Acoustic Box during the winter months if you prefer.

However, for a cheaper alternative, go with Eclo's Vinyl Privacy Screens. They won't necessarily protect your equipment from the outside elements, but at least it will look significantly better than having tubes, wires, filter, pump, etc out in the open; it can be a safety hazard in some cases, to be honest.

Well there, you have it. Some pool equipment cover ideas and unique concealed designs for your backyard pool equipment!

Article written by Chris Tebbutt
In 2016 I got my first house that had a pool and I had no idea where to begin. Over time I have learnt how to do most things myself (I am really into DIY) and wanted to share my information with other. I was one of the people who thought if water smelt like chlorine, that meant there was too much chlorine in the water!