Have a Kiddie Pool? You need a Kiddie Pool Filter System. With the summer right around the corner, you wish you could go to the beach and spend hours in the water. But that wish may not get fulfilled thanks to the work pressure in your office and all your responsibilities at home.

However, you can always set up a small or kiddie pool in your backyard and experience all the fun here. There are various types of pools you can choose from, but make sure you also get pool filters. A pool without a filter is like a mortar without a pestle. Here’s a rundown of the different types of pools and why you should invest in a kiddie pool filter system.

What Is A Small Pool Or Kiddie Pool Filter System?

what is a small or kiddie pool

A small pool or a spool is a small swimming pool that fits even in a small backyard. They can also be referred to as Kiddie Pools (hence Kiddie Pool Filter System). They are also known as cocktail pools. Your house may have a small backyard, but you might be surprised that it’s enough to fit a swimming pool.

You need not have one of the traditional pools that are 25 m long. Instead, go for the ones that measure just 12×14 ft so that you can enjoy the comfort of a swimming pool even in your small backyard. These are easy to install, and they don’t cost a fortune.

Lap Pool

what is a lap pool

Lap pools are usually narrow and long. Ideally, they should be at least 45 feet in length. If your backyard is not too wide, but it is significantly longer, you can install a lap pool. It is perfect for swimming because of its length. If you want to use the pool for swimming purposes only, make sure it has niche wall steps with a metal grab rail instead of internal steps. Many people also add an integrated spa that can make the pool more comfortable. It will provide the experience of a pool and a hot tub in one space.

Recreational Pool

what is a Recreational pool

Recreational pools resemble the traditional swimming pools. However, since you need to work with space crisis, it is best to cut down the size. You can consult with the swimming pool installers about the ideal size of the pool. It can be the ultimate relaxation point of your house where you immerse yourself and let go of all the stress and tension of the day. Recreational pools can be made of various materials such as concrete, one-piece fiberglass shells, vinyl-lined, and gunite shotcrete. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of these materials, but don’t forget to add a pool filter system in it.

Ground Pool

what is a ground pool

Ground pools look luxurious in any setting. Whether you have a big or small backyard, they can make your house look like a 5-star hotel. You can choose from the various styles according to the size of the backyard. Most ground pools are made of fiberglass, and they look stunning when filled with water. Moreover, if you want to make it more entertaining for your kids, throw in some diving boards and toys. Your kids won’t want to leave the pool once they get in. Although ground pools are slightly expensive because of their style and installation, they are worth every penny.

What Are The Different Swimming Pool Filters?

When you have a pool or Kiddie Pool Filter System in your backyard, you should maintain it as well. Just like you keep individual plants in the greenhouse to prevent them from extreme weather conditions, you should use Kiddie Pool Filter System to protect the water from possible pollutants from the water source. It is one of the essential parts of pool maintenance that you shouldn’t ignore. There are three types of pool filters you can choose from:

Sand Filters

Sand filters are made of fiberglass, concrete, or metal, and they contain a thick bed of special sand. The dirty water that comes from the primary source enters the filterís inlet pipe where the special-grade sand catches all the dirt and debris filtering out the pure water into the pool and holding back the pollutants.

Cartridge Filters

This system has an excellent filter surface that captures the impurities trying to pass through the filter. You need to replace the filter now and then if it becomes too dirty and is unable to filter the dirt properly.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

Diatomaceous earth is a very fine powder produced by crushing fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. They coat a fabric-covered filter grid to prevent contaminants from entering the pool water.

Why You Must Use Kiddie Pool Filters

Would you like your pool to have crystal clear water or something that resembles the water in the drains? You won’t like the latter because that’s not how pools are meant to be. But to ensure that the pool has crystal clear water, you need to use pool filters. It not only makes the water transparent but also healthy so that you can enjoy swimming for hours on end without worrying about any adverse health effects. Most importantly, your body absorbs massive amounts of water through the skin. So, that is an added incentive to keep the water clean and the only way to do it by using pool filters.

Apart from health concerns, kiddie pool filters also affect the other components of the pool. When the filtration is working as it should, the pressure of the pool floor remains at its suitable level. Moreover, the pump that sends the water doesn’t undergo a lot of wear and tear. Many homeowners use chlorine to keep disinfectants away. While this is a good technique, it can also redden your eyes and cause irritation. But if the filter works correctly, you won’t need to use such chemicals in high quantities.

Kiddie Pool Filter System Roundup

Although it is not possible to wash the filters every day, you should at least clean them once a month, especially during the summer because that’s the time when the pool is used most. This will not only increase the longevity of the filters but will also keep the pool water clean and healthy.

A pool in your backyard can be your retreat once you come home. But don’t forget to maintain it if you want to enjoy this comfort for a long time.