Intex Pool Filters (What's The Difference Type A, B?)

Intex Pool Filters
Written By: Chris Tebbutt
Date Published: August 17, 2022

Intex is a well known brand when it comes to above ground swimming pools. They come in various sizes and prices, so whatever you may be looking for, most likely they will have what you need.

However, you will also need a pool filter to go along with your above ground swimming pool, but guess what... Intex has its own line of pool filters, so you don't have to worry about any compatibility issues when you buy a swimming pool and a filter.

Before you make your choice though, you need to know the different intex pool filters and the pros/cons that come with such filters.

Keep reading to learn all that you need to know.

What is a Pool Filter

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It might be a little difficult to classify a filter cartridge, but in actuality, it is quite simple. While chlorine might kill bacteria and germs, there is still a host of other things floating in the water. Therefore a pool filter cartridge and filter pump are important pieces of equipment for a swimming pool because they keep the pool water clean and contaminant free by filtering any debris, dead algae, and organisms.

There are three types of filters:

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) filters

You can find an Intex filter for all three types, but let's learn more about the pros and cons of each one and how they are different from each other.

Sand Filters

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Say your budget is minimal and you don't want a lot of expenses on maintenance, then a sand filter fits perfectly if you have a larger swimming pool. This is because it doesn't get clogged as easily and frequently as other types of pool filter cartridges.

Something like Intex 26647EG sand filter item might be something to consider if you want one of these types. It has stellar reviews and fits the access of many different systems.

How Does a Sand Filter Work?

As the name suggests, a sand filter uses sand for filtration. The pool pump pulls water and pushes it out through a sand-filled filtration tank. #20 silica sand is the standard medium of sand that the filtration tank uses. This allows the sand to enter and filter particles down to about 20 microns or more.

The grain of the silica sand is rough to touch. When viewed closely, you can see rough little edges. These edges are what allow the sand to filter the debris, dirt, and other contaminants.

The particles that the sand has trapped over time will cause a build-up on the surface of the filter cartridge. This build up will help in trapping smaller particles even when the sand edges become smoother due to erosion. The downside, however, is that water will not be able to flow properly through the filter and the filter won't work as efficiently.

Intex Pool Filters (What's The Difference Type A, B?) 3

Which is why there is a pressure gauge in every sand filter. When the PSI is above 15, it is a sign that the filter needs some backwash cleaning. This method of cleaning reverses the direction of the flow of water and flushes all the contaminants out, bringing the filter back to maximum efficiency.

While a sand filter is a great budget choice for larger swimming pools, the downside is the lower quality a of filtration (20 microns) compared to cartridge filter pump (10 microns).

How is a Sand Filter Different?

  • The sand in sand filter tanks can last up to about five years or even seven years before requiring any change.
  • To clean the sand filter, you need to backwash. It is relatively easy and doesn't take much time.
  • Higher pressure in sand filters reduces the efficiency of the filter.
  • It can doesn't filter as well as a cartridge or D.E filter. Sand filters are able to filter down to 20 microns.

Cartridge Filters

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A filter cartridge for small to medium-sized swimming pools costs less than sand filters.

In addition, they are very easy to clean and maintain. A customer favorite, Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter by Intex item might be something for you to especially consider if you have a small-sized pool like a kiddie swimming pool, as the reviews suggest that the intex type of the first one is perfect for the second one. Visit the server for more information.

You can get the Krystal Clear Cartridge filter for a great price!

How Does a Cartridge Filter Work?

A cartridge filter is swimming pool filter that uses a cartridge with pleats to remove dirt, debris, and other particles from the water.

The filter cartridge is typically made of paper or cloth, and the pleats help to increase the surface area that can be filtered. As water flows through the cartridge, the pleats trap contaminants and prevent them from recirculating back into the pool. Even in colder temperatures, like in august, you will still have access.

The filter cartridge conserves energy and do not cost much. Just like other filter cartridge, it will need cleaning from time to time because of all the gunk it collects. Instead of backwashing, you can simply remove the cartridge from the tank and spray off the debris and dirt using a hose or just replace cartridges.

pool filter getting cleaned to save money

You will occasionally need to use a filter cleaner when spraying. Diluted muriatic acid is also effective for cleansing.

Type A vs Type B Pool Filter Cartridge

This is only applicable if you have a cartridge filter and permission, so if you have or plan on getting sand or a D.E filter, then you can disregard this. If you are unsure, then read above to type a filter cartridge.

Type A / C pool filter cartridge

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Type A cartridges are mainly suited for smaller pools, not much more than 2000 GPH pumps. The intex type allows access, and, judging by the reviews, it is great for above-ground pools.

They are slightly cheaper than Type B and slightly smaller in size.

Type B pool filter cartridge

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Type B cartridges are mainly used for larger swimming pools and pumps that usually clean more than 2000 GPH.

Because Type B is slightly larger and can handle more workload than Type A, they are usually slightly more expensive.

Which One to Choose?

There's no right or wrong Intex type cartridge. You should read what kind of cartridge your filter is compatible with and make your decision when you replace cartridges. In august, you might have trouble in access due to the cold temperature.

Also, Intex will make it clear what kind of model number intex type filter pump the cartridge is compatible with.

How is a Cartridge Filter Different?

  • A cartridge filter can trap very small microns, as tiny as 10.
  • Does not need backwashing.
  • Cleaning will require more time and effort.
  • Filter cartridge do not last long. Their life span is about 2 to 3 years.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter (D.E Filter)

Intex Pool Filters (What's The Difference Type A, B?) 7

Diatomaceous Earth filters are the most expensive types of pool filters and require intensive maintenance. However, they filter the smallest sizes of contaminants and particles (3 microns) when compared to sand and cartridge filters. You will get the ultimate filtration.

Honestly, it does not have good D.E filters, so try something like getting access to Hayward's model number W3EC40C92S D.E filter if you want the cleanest water. It has great reviews on its main server.

How Does a Diatomaceous Earth Filter Work?

The tank of Diatomaceous Earth filters is made up of grids. These grids are covered in a crumbly white powder consisting of the grounded fossil remains of microscopic aquatic organisms known as diatoms.

The powdery substance consisting of diatoms can be found in toothpaste, pest controls, and some cosmetics. Nonetheless, the diatomaceous earth made for pool water is treated with heat so that it can function as a medium of filtration.

pool filter cleaner homemade

The tank of a diatomaceous earth filter also has a pressure gauge on the side. Remember, anything above 15 PSI means it's time for a backwash. Normally, you can backwash the D.E filter like sand filters. Some manufacturers include a bump handle to their filters which means you can clean off the used and unwanted diatomaceous earth from the grid.

Whether you bump the D.E filter or backwash it, you'll need to add more diatomaceous earth powder every time you clean the filter for maximum efficiency. Determining how much diatomaceous earth you need to add can be difficult. As a result, you need to disassemble and clean the D.E access filter by hand at least once a year.

How is a Diatomaceous Earth (D.E ) Filter Different?

  • Diatomaceous earth filters filter the smallest sizes of particles down to 3 microns.
  • You don't need any caustic chemicals to clean the diatomaceous earth filter.
  • It can be difficult to find a diatomaceous earth filter for Intex pools.
  • You can clean your diatomaceous earth filter in two ways: bumping or backwashing.
  • Diatomaceous earth filters are the most expensive.

Best Type of Filter for Intex Pools

There are various Intex filter pumps and similar items being offered in-store, so here are some suggestions.

A D.E filter might be the costliest type of filter, but it remains the most effective. If you want the cleanest water and don't mind investing some money with permission into your swimming pool, then choose this type.

However, for most Intex type pools, a cartridge filter might provide the best value. You will get good filtration without breaking the bank, but it's only recommended for small to medium-sized pools that are no more than 15,000 gallons. Having to type a filter cartridge before usage.

If you have a larger swimming pool, more than 15,000 gallons, then a sand filter is appropriate.


So to recap, Intex not only offers budget-friendly swimming pools but also offers various types of pool filters.

If you have the money and want the highest quality filtration, then definitely go with D.E filters. You can basically drink the filtered water because that's how good it filters water, but it is very expensive and can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

Up to 12,000 Gallons
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

For most Intex pools, buying a D.E filter might not be justifiable from a cost perspective, so for the best value, get a cartridge pool filter like Intex Krystal Clear. It's compatible with almost every Intex pool size.

But for someone with a larger swimming pool, a sand filter might make more sense. Though it doesn't filter as well as a cartridge or D.E access filter with permission, it can handle a higher workload and doesn't require as much filter maintenance and cleaning as the other types. To type a filter cartridge, make sure to read the reviews on the server.

Article written by Chris Tebbutt
In 2016 I got my first house that had a pool and I had no idea where to begin. Over time I have learnt how to do most things myself (I am really into DIY) and wanted to share my information with other. I was one of the people who thought if water smelt like chlorine, that meant there was too much chlorine in the water!