Best Suction Pool Cleaner: The Right One May Not Be What You Think!

Best Suction Pool Cleaner
Written By: Chris Tebbutt
Date Published: March 21, 2020

It is so refreshing to own a pool and imagine yourself dipping in it after a long day of work, but then it won’t be as cool when you think of how you’ll be able to clean it. I’m sure thinking about it makes you feel tired already. Now, let me tell you how to solve this problem by giving you the best suction pool cleaner that will make your day. Knowing the best suction pool cleaner in the market will help you save a lot of time looking for a pool cleaner that works best for your pool. 

Making use of a suction pool cleaner will help suck up the debris and dirt from your pool. With the help of pressure, the pump will help sucks the water and filtering it that will make your pool clean and pristine.

Now let me introduce to you the best suction pool cleaner that you could get in the market today.

Best Suction Pool Cleaner

Now let me introduce to you the best suction pool cleaner that you could get in the market today.

Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Cleaner


  • Good with deep pool walls and steps.
  • Can connect to your current suction line or skimmer
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not good with large debris
  • Can get stuck
  • Needs to be cleaned frequently

The Baracuda G3 W03000 pool vacuum is designed for cleaning sides of the pool. It works well and cleans corners, steps, and other surfaces on its own. It is easy to clean, accessible, and can work with low power water pumps.

The design of The Baracuda has a long hose that can contribute to its longer life and is resistant to debris. It also has an auto-adjusting flow valve that helps the adjustment while cleaning.

This suction pool cleaner is perfect for deep pools and can clean the bottom compared to other suction pool cleaners. You also don’t have to worry about where to connect it as it can use the pool’s current suction line or the existing skimmer.

The Poolcleaner 896584000020 4X Suction Pool Cleaner for Concrete Pools


  • No need to install a booster pump to work
  • Affordable
  • You can choose a four-wheel model or a two-wheel model for bigger pools


  • Doesn’t work well with vinyl pools, you need to purchase wheels for it.
  • Can be a little clumsy and get stuck

If you are looking for an affordable pool, then the Poolcleaner would be the right choice. It is now owned by Hayward and has a four-wheel and two-wheel model. It is designed for concrete pools, but you can still use it on vinyl pools as long as you purchase its vinyl wheels.

Aside from its functional specifications, it can handle minor obstacles and can clean your pool thoroughly. However, you might need extra hose if your pool is quite large. It may be clumsy at times as it can get stuck on your raised safety drain and needs to be careful if you set up the RPM settings for climbing walls as it may not come down correctly.

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Suction Pool Cleaner

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Has less friction with the bumper ring


  • Need to be permanently attached in the pool

It is one of the most efficient pool cleaners that you can get. It has a particular way of cleaning, which is on a circular means that helps the pool cleaning effectively. It has one of the best machinery, and it has a programmable steering pattern. You could just simply plug-in and switch in on and no need to have additional tools when it comes to installation.

The only drawback for this suction pool cleaner is that it can’t be uninstalled, unlike other pool cleaners. It should be fixed in the pool filtration system.

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable compared to other pool cleaners
  • Efficient in cleaning in-ground pools


  • Only for a specific type of pools

The XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner is packed with the latest technology that works best in-ground pools. It can be used in a different type of surfaces like concrete or vinyl and can clean your pool surface fast and makes it squeaky.

It can efficiently use the pool filtration system that will help you save on electricity. Also, it has a sturdy design that can easily be operated and maintained. However, as efficient, it may seem it can’t clean large pools and only suitable for pools that have a diameter less than 32”.

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Pool Vac (Suction)


  • Easy to set-up
  • Affordable
  • Good job in cleaning


  • No internal controls
  • Can lose suction if it reaches the end of the hose
  • It has randoms movements that is prone to getting stuck

The Pentair Kreepy Pool Vac is known to have a sleek design. It is easy to set up and economically wise to purchase because it is affordable. It is useful in cleaning the pool grounds and walls. It may be basic, but it is good at doing its job.

However, it has some limitations as it can lose its suction whenever it reaches the extreme end of the hose; that is why it isn’t suitable for large pools. It could also have random movements when it comes to altering its routes, and it could get stuck along the way. 

This pool cleaner works best for small to the medium pool, and it isn’t advisable to be used in a larger pool as it won’t be as effective.

Final Thoughts

After a lot of thorough research and reviews, we gave you the best suction pool cleaner that could be of use to clean your pools. These suction pools are highly effective in making your pool clean, dirt-free, and hygienic to swim into. 

You could take into account how well each one of them is suitable for a specific pool with its different specifications and how its prices will fit your budget. You need to take note of how the suction pool will be compatible with your pool so you can efficiently use it to the best of its capabilities.

In the end, we always want a pool that will make us feel at home after a stressful day. 

Article written by Chris Tebbutt
In 2016 I got my first house that had a pool and I had no idea where to begin. Over time I have learnt how to do most things myself (I am really into DIY) and wanted to share my information with other. I was one of the people who thought if water smelt like chlorine, that meant there was too much chlorine in the water!