10 Best Pool Toys EVERY Owner Must Have!

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Written By: Chris Tebbutt
Date Published: May 3, 2020

If you have a pool in your backyard and wanted to enjoy it, especially during parties, it would be best if you have the right accessories and pimp your pool so you can have the best experience. I have here the 10 Best Pool Toys that you should have to make your pool parties the talk of the town.

There are a lot of pool games and toys out there. It is why we compiled the best pool play accessories that everyone of all ages will enjoy. What we gathered are the most popular and quality toys that you will surely want to have in your pool.

Best Pools Toys You Need To Have

If you're the proud owner of a pool, you know that there's nothing quite like spending a hot summer day lounging in the cool water. However, owning a pool also comes with certain responsibilities.

In addition to keeping the water clean and maintaining the equipment, you also need to have the right toys on hand to make the most of your pool.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the top toys that every pool owner needs. From inflatable rafts to floating coolers, there's something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and dive right in!

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Inflatable Basketball Hoop Set

Everyone wants to play basketball, and who could have thought that you can also play it while in the water? The Hoop Shark Inflatable Basketball Hoop Set is a fun way to dunk while in the water and play it with friends. It measures 40 inches high when inflated and can even provide fun with kids play on the shallow end of the pool as well as at the deep end for some adult action.

Swim Thru Rings

Swim Thru Rings is an old favorite pool toy that is known for developing swimming skills. You will be able to create a racing course using the rings around the bottom of the pool. They are easy to set up and doesn’t require any assembly. The Swim Thru Rings are about 30” in diameter, and it comes with collapsible air pockets that will help set the depth of the rings and won’t quickly sink to the bottom. The rings are decorated with colorful designs and recommended for kids eight years old and above.

Foam Pool Swim Noodles

Pool noodles are a regular staple for any pools. This is also a favorite of everyone, as it can be used in so many ways. It comes in a pack with different colored noodles that everyone will enjoy. Each noodle is 52 inches and can be used and play by kids and adults.

Foam Soakers Squirt Guns

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Kids and kids at heart love squirt guns. They are loved by many and can be used by kids three years and above. The squirt guns can float on water and can spray water. A pack has a comes with six squirt guns with various colors that everyone will enjoy.

Fin Fun Mermaids Tail

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If your kids love mermaids, I’m sure they will enjoy the water more if they can pretend to be real mermaids with Fin Fun Mermaids Tail. The tails have a colorful designs, and it comes with a shiny scale texture feature that will feel like a real one. It stays securely on the feet and will help you swim faster. It doesn’t only come in kids’ sizes but adult sizes as well.

Intex Pool Volleyball Set

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Volleyball is the ultimate summer game, and who said you could only play it on the ground? Intex Pool Volleyball Set will let you experience that in your pool. It is a 94”x 25”x 36” volleyball set and can be used by kids six years old and above. The inflatable volleyball set came with pole bases and equipped with anchor weights to keep it in place and an inflatable net and an inflatable volleyball. To help keeps things organize, it also comes with a box to store it to your shelf and a repair kit in case there are mishaps.

Disney Finding Dory Mr. Ray’s Dive and Catch Game

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Your kids will love the catch game as they swim in the pool. It could be used in a lot of ways like swim practice and practicing diving skills by catching the figures at the bottom of the pool. The Disney Finding Dory catch game comes with five characters that can float at different depths that will make it more enjoyable for kids, and it is suitable for ages five years and above.

GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float

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Swimming won’t be complete without a float in your pool, and GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float will be the best choice. It is 45 inches wide and is made with quality materials that make it more durable. Having a huge float, blowing it up might take a while, but since the GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float has rapid valve inflation, you’ll get to inflate it 10x faster. The float can be used by everyone and can hold 500 pounds.

Aviva Ahh-Qua Bar Group Water Float

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Aviva Ahh-Qua Bar Group Water Float will be enjoyed by everyone who wants to relax in the pool while having a drink. It is not only made for one, but you can enjoy it with friends. Each set comes with four inflatable chairs, drink holders, and a cooler in the center so you can have fun swimming with cold drinks available. Each inflatable chair can hold 225 pounds, and since it has twelve drink holders, anyone can swim and hang around the float. It will be well suited for a pool party.

Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls

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Beach balls are a classic, and you should always have these in your pool parties to add fun to your activities. Emoji Inflatable beach balls come in a set of 12 balls, 12’’ each and designed with different emojis. They are inflatable, safe to use, and recommended to be played by kids ages three and up.

Final Thoughts: Best Pool Toys

Pool toys and games make every pool party fun. May it be just a simple family gathering or it could be a full bam party with your friends, it could brighten up and make it a lot of fun and enjoyable.

The 10 best pool toys that we gathered is not only for parties, but it could also be used whenever you just want to relax on big floats, enjoy drinks with friends and even help with the kids swimming skills. It is for every occasion and everyone who wants to have a good time.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab and order these cool toys and accessories.

Article written by Chris Tebbutt
In 2016 I got my first house that had a pool and I had no idea where to begin. Over time I have learnt how to do most things myself (I am really into DIY) and wanted to share my information with other. I was one of the people who thought if water smelt like chlorine, that meant there was too much chlorine in the water!